May. 4th, 2017

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I got the diabetes, so all this talk of repealing the ACA is scaring the shit out of me, and making hate Repubs even more. THe fact that it just passed the house fucking sucks, and I REALLY hope it dies in the senate, or else I'm going to die.

And that's why I bought stupid shit today to take my mind off of it.

I got the premiere edition of Barricade, and he's pretty good and was $20 which is kinda like, a bit much for a deluxe, but at the same time, there's a lot more to him, more joints and details. He's really nice, but the higher prices are making me not want to touch the movie 5 line at all.

I also got Titans Return Broadside, who's also pretty good, big and chunky. I only paid ten bux for him so I don't really want to go into all the stuff I don't like about him, which is a lot, but if you can find him for cheap like I did, he's worth it for how silly the whole thing is.

I bought a gundam blindbox, and got the NT-1 without the chobham armor, which is what i wanted, but I had to do some assembly and ended up breaking an arm part, but it's being held by friection extremely well, so im not too worried. The stickers are absolute garbage, no stickiness at all.

I bought a NECA stand for my figures, but I'm going to wait until I get home to open it, it seems like it'll be good however.

I bought a mario manga, the SUper Mario Adventures one that ran in the old Nintendo Powers, and I've already read it a few times, but Larisa has to now, and I'm glad to own it.

And finally I bought a book called Blade and Shadow which is a sequel to a book I read a few months ago called Hope and Red which I found really fun and enjoyable, but i don't know if I'd really recommend it to other people. It's kinda bad, and dumb, but again, i really got hooked. I hope this one is as good


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