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Mostly looking for specific songs, but hit me up with anything, no matter how common or obscure you think it is. I just wanna listen to good tunes
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I'm home! My mom left me and [personal profile] facetiousfutz some presents. I got a bootleg beast wars tenth anniversary megatron and the package says "Welcome to Tyrannosaurus".

that's all

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I got the diabetes, so all this talk of repealing the ACA is scaring the shit out of me, and making hate Repubs even more. THe fact that it just passed the house fucking sucks, and I REALLY hope it dies in the senate, or else I'm going to die.

And that's why I bought stupid shit today to take my mind off of it.

I got the premiere edition of Barricade, and he's pretty good and was $20 which is kinda like, a bit much for a deluxe, but at the same time, there's a lot more to him, more joints and details. He's really nice, but the higher prices are making me not want to touch the movie 5 line at all.

I also got Titans Return Broadside, who's also pretty good, big and chunky. I only paid ten bux for him so I don't really want to go into all the stuff I don't like about him, which is a lot, but if you can find him for cheap like I did, he's worth it for how silly the whole thing is.

I bought a gundam blindbox, and got the NT-1 without the chobham armor, which is what i wanted, but I had to do some assembly and ended up breaking an arm part, but it's being held by friection extremely well, so im not too worried. The stickers are absolute garbage, no stickiness at all.

I bought a NECA stand for my figures, but I'm going to wait until I get home to open it, it seems like it'll be good however.

I bought a mario manga, the SUper Mario Adventures one that ran in the old Nintendo Powers, and I've already read it a few times, but Larisa has to now, and I'm glad to own it.

And finally I bought a book called Blade and Shadow which is a sequel to a book I read a few months ago called Hope and Red which I found really fun and enjoyable, but i don't know if I'd really recommend it to other people. It's kinda bad, and dumb, but again, i really got hooked. I hope this one is as good


May. 3rd, 2017 01:54 am
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Donkey Kong
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SO today I started up Chrono Trigger for like, the fifth time but this time I'm determined to actually beat it. I played it 12 years ago with emulation and now I'm actually in a playthrough where I've gotten to the same point as that one again, and this time I appreciate it a lot more. It starts out so quickly with no damn filler or hours of talking, I love it, great pacing. The battles are snappy and fun, and I enjoy how positioning matters without feeling like you have to think too much about it. I could totally see this game as an action rpg, but it's not and that's good too. The music is excellent, I like the Guardia forest theme. All the party emmbers I have right now are good to use, tho Marle doesn't do much besides attack (for now). You sure do get a lot of gold from enemies also. Right now I'm in 2000 AD for the first time, which is , like I said earlier, where I quit playing 12 years ago, so we'll see how I do from here. I'm definitely enjoying it this time around.
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1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed
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Fandom post I guess. I'll specify what I'm must comfortable talking about
Digimon - The first four seasons, and any of the games except the wonderswan ones

Pokémon - Any of the games, and you sure can namedrop anime characters but I'm not big into it much

Transformers - Toys, almost entirely. I'm most familiar with Armada, Cybertron and both RiDs. I don't like Prime at all.

Godzilla - Anything

Gamera - I've only seen the 90s trilogy and vs Barugon and vs Viras

General kaiju stuff also

Gundam - Anything but especially G Gundam and Iron Blooded Orphans, exceptt I don't like 00 or SEED Destiny, tho I will talk about any mobile suit design

Mega Man - Anything except Legends

Mario - I haven't played the rpgs all the way thru, and I don't like SMRPG, but I absolutely love Mario headcanons

Sonic - Anything up to adventure 2, then generations. No anime or comix or cartoons except Sonic Boom, that show owns

Metroid - Haven't played Other M, but I know about it

Power Rangers - I haven't seen ninja Steel, don't care about Samurai or mega Force

Super Sentai - I've seen Kyoryuger, Toqger, am watching Kyuranger, and I plan on watching at least dairanger

Kamen Rider - I've seen Agito, half of Kuuga, Gaim, and I'm watching Ex-Aid

Gao Gai Gar- Anything, but hit me up with my man Choryujin

Anything mech related - I know of a lot and I'm always down to talk design

Dragon ball - I haven't seen super

Retro video games - I love PS1, PS2, SNES, Dreamcast, Genesis, GB/GBC, GBA, NES, PC Engine, Master System in that order

Castlevania - Haven't played Lords of shadow, probably my favorite franchise for games

Smash bros - I'm not into Brawl or Melee

Nier/Drakengard - I haven't seen ANYTHING from Automata and I wanna keep it that way till I play it

Kingdom Hearts - I haven't played DDD but I know what happens, know nothing about 0.2, otherwise im caught up

There's more but these are the major ones.
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what the fuck am i gonna do on vacation, i already watched 24 episodes of ex aid, should proabbaly watch another series or something
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just woke up froma dream where was hanign with a guy i haven't seen in years, who's hard to get a hold of. should i try and get in contact again or do you think that ship has sailed?
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boy oh boy do i hate anxiety and depression. Here I am, fresh day off, and all i do is lay down and keep refreshing tumblr or just staring at facebook or youtube instead of doing anything. i'm paralyzed to try anything new. my chest is actually aching
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I was all prepared to write this review of a ps2 game I played but, I'm syuck on a boss and i've been playing on easy. I'm a little embarrassed to be honest, I thought I was good!
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How do you talk about things you like
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I painted some of a model kit today, some guys at my local hobby shop let me us their paint and they had the most absolute PERFECT shades of silver, like damn. I painted them on a little thick unfortunately, BUT im still super into it and am very proud
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Honestly, I'm afraid to put myself out there. I don't know why! I've always had trouble expressing myself and I hide it behind a mask of cyniscism and shitty puns. I want to gush about things I love but I'm too critical of my self image to be able to do so
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i had a llivejournal years ago so ill do this now


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