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SO today I started up Chrono Trigger for like, the fifth time but this time I'm determined to actually beat it. I played it 12 years ago with emulation and now I'm actually in a playthrough where I've gotten to the same point as that one again, and this time I appreciate it a lot more. It starts out so quickly with no damn filler or hours of talking, I love it, great pacing. The battles are snappy and fun, and I enjoy how positioning matters without feeling like you have to think too much about it. I could totally see this game as an action rpg, but it's not and that's good too. The music is excellent, I like the Guardia forest theme. All the party emmbers I have right now are good to use, tho Marle doesn't do much besides attack (for now). You sure do get a lot of gold from enemies also. Right now I'm in 2000 AD for the first time, which is , like I said earlier, where I quit playing 12 years ago, so we'll see how I do from here. I'm definitely enjoying it this time around.


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