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Here's a list, I like doing this, hope you play some of them

Soul Blazer is a Zelda clone that throws mindless enemies and some very interesting bosses at you with a plot that can be described as "heavenly". The world is empty and you must repopulate it by killing everything. There is a goat. Learn to crabwalk.

Terranigma is another Zelda like with much better fighting and plot that I have played far less. Yet again the world is empty, except this time you don't have to kill everything, just some things. Excellent music and mood, some hard hitting bits as well.

E.V.O. Search for Eden is a game that should not be bought with human money, as it is way overpriced for what it is. It is an action rpg where you use your experience points to evolve new body parts which is also your equipment. Go through the past fighting extinct creatures while becoming a powerful mutant. Eventually you can become a man, or a dragon.

Kidou Senshi Gundam Wing Endless Duel is the best fighting game on the system. Every character feels good, the sound effects are great, the music is amazing and feels like it should've been on the show, and you can play as Mercurius.

Godzilla Kaiju Daikessen isn't as good, but it is a pretty game. The monsters feel appropriately large and thick, and one of your buttons is dedicated to grappling, which is a key feature of all kaiju eiga. Music isn't bad either

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition is in the top 5 fighters on the snes for sure. It's the prototype for Gundam Wing using the same engine with some differences. Character variety here is huge, not a single clone in the bunch. Music is rocking, and Lip Syncher plays like she's from an early build of Guilty Gear.

Alcahest is a top down action rpg with great controls and the instinct for murder.

Breath of Fire II is a RPG that is made better by fanfiction. The translation is bad and the game is grindy, but the story is excellent, tear jerking stuff. Definitely a game I recommend consuming via Let's Play or novelisation.

Skyblazer is an action game where you have to fight an evil demon or something, I honestly don't know. Great controls, cool music, nice sound effects, good variety and no battery saves.

ActRaiser is a game where you play as God and fight Satan.

SO there's ten games I think everyone should play. A little bland for sure, but my snes is rusty, and I own most of these so they were the first to pop in my head.


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