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Decided to rewatch some old ass shows I watched as a kid, all dubbed of course. Just feeling some nostalgia I guess.

First up is Dinozaurs which is only alright, being a kids show to sell toys, but I like the cg, even if it is barely above beast wars level of quality. Thank god it's not reBoot lol.

Next up is Zoids Chaotic Century and New Century Zero, which are still pretty dan good. Good plots held upby a good voice cast.

Then im probably gonna binge on Transformers Car Robots/RiD. I remember very little of this show, even tho ive been watching clips, but I do remember that Scourge was amazing.

Then im gonna binge on transformers Cybertron, which is one of my top favorite transformers shows.

All of these are shows that want you to go and buy toys. Haha what is my life.
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I'm home! My mom left me and [personal profile] facetiousfutz some presents. I got a bootleg beast wars tenth anniversary megatron and the package says "Welcome to Tyrannosaurus".

that's all


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